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Keeping the "Black" in Black Friday

For many, Black Friday is the official start of the holiday shopping season. It has revolutionized any previous notions that we've had what a "sale" is. Often times, Black Friday is designated for the big retailers such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy's, and Sears. It's easy to forget about the Black businesses that also offer amazing specials on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, too. So, in an effort to ensure that we keep the "Black" in Black Friday, I urge you to support Black owned businesses. I emphasize Black owned businesses, simply because not all Black businesses are under Black ownership. And yes, I am aware that it can cost a little bit more to shop at Black owned businesses. I get that. Still, think of it like this: Black owned businesses are also, usually, small business owners. As a result, they produce their goods on a smaller scale. Tthus, in an effort to account for relatively increased production costs, their prices are a bit higher. It's all math baby. Imagine the power that comes from keeping Black earned money in the Black community. It's  a radical, yet very possible idea.

With that, below is a list of awesome Black owned businesses that you can support this Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday (most of them are having sales, but some them were just too dope to overlook even if they weren't having a sale)!

Wishing you peace,

Josephine Omolola


God Is Dope

In honor of Black Friday God Is Dope site is offering apparel up to 50% off! I definitely have a camouflage hat in my cart that I'm ready to check out today. If you love repping your love for God, this is going to be your go to company!

HGC Apparel

HGC Apparel has made huge strides since they were founded. They brand blew up after being featured in Wale's Black is GOLD music video. Right now, HGC Apparel is offering 30% off of all orders today and Saturday! Trust me, hop on this sale. My HGC Apparel  crop top and crewneck sweater gets tons of compliments every damn time. 

Grass Fields

Y'all already know that I had to pop this one in for the culture! Grass Fields is the perfect mixture of traditional African fashion with a modern finish. Currently, they're preparing for a Black Friday sale of up to 70% off of their entire site. Any African parties or weddings coming up? You won't want to miss this opportunity to secure an outfit for that.



Specializing in everything from  jewelry to lashes to weave, LevauniWildFlowers is the Black business with it all. Their Blooming Roots hair collection is perfect for anyone looking for that perfect curly weave! Right now they're offering free shipping on all orders over $150 and 20% off until Monday,when you use the code WILD20

Royal Prerogative

If you're familiar with Youtube and Influencer Maria Antoinette, then you've probably already heard of her new synthetic hair line, Royal Prerogative! While Royal Prerogative isn't offering a Black Friday sale they have announced that buyers can look forward to a nice Cyber Monday deal.


Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

Notorious for their everlasting Matte Lip Whips, Beauty Bakerie Cosmestics is preparing to drop their Black Friday sale at midnight. Look out for an epic sale of 30%-50% off of their entire site this Black Friday!


Internal Lifestyle 

I know a few of us use Black Friday to prepare for our New Year's resolutions. Whether your trying to reach new hair goals this coming year or start of the year living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, check out Internal Lifestyle for everything you need to know about achieving your wellness goals from the inside out! 


Yoga Racheal

With a variety of yoga workshops throughout the United States, Yoga Racheal is a dynamic yogi who uses her practice to preach a message of internal-external healing through yoga. Although I still haven't been able to coordinate attending a class (no doubt that it's on my to-do list though), she's actually the person who sparked my interest in yoga. If you need that little bit of love/motivation to begin or continue with your practice, then support this talented Black Yogi. 

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