An Open Letter

"Ain't that some shit." - J.Cole


Let's just get this over with, because I am so done crying over the men that treat WOC, in this case Black women, like trash.

Dear Tyrese (and the rest of y'all niggas),

I don't have a problem with you loving your wife. I don't have a problem with you utilizing your social media as a means of sharing with the world, just how much you love your wife.


I do have a problem with you shaming Black women. I do have a problem with you making a joke out of Black women. I have a problem with you presenting your wife as a "Black Queen" when in reality she is an Ambiguously Raced Princess. Yes, your wife is Black, but let us not ignore the fact that she is of mixed race. Let us not ignore the fact that she has a light complexion. Let us not ignore the fact that this woman has features resembling someone of European or Middle Eastern descent. Let us not forget that when she is driving her car, the chances of her being pulled over for a DWB (Driving While Black), are zero to none. *Sidenote: If you're still confused about where I'm going with this, this example should help. Ex. A girl with loose curls can be natural, but when she starts calling her hair nappy, we have a problem.

I understand why you would want for your wife to be a Black Queen. The Black Queen is a sight to behold. She is graceful. She is powerful. She is filled with the melanin that the sun begs to greet every morning. She is resilient. She is phenomenal. Her skin sings century old narratives of the women before her. She plays the lead role and still can support those around her. The Black Queen is special. Your wife can be special too, but she will not be a Black Queen.

Black Queens are often ignored. Told only to listen and not to speak. The Black Queen is not an easy role to be given. It is filled with many sleepless nights worrying about the prejudices you will, undoubtedly, encounter the following day. To be a Black Queen means to experience double jeopardy.The Black Queen doesn't have the option of staying out of the sun for a few days in order to adopt an alternative identity. She is undeniable and that is both her blessing and her curse.

Am I really surprised by you? I don't think I am.

It is no secret that many famous Black men seem to contract the illness "I Only Like White or Mixed Girls-vitis" after their rise to fame.We have former NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom, and current NBA stars Tristan Thompson, and James Harden (the last 3 have all dated the same Kardashian *rolls eyes*).

Kobe Bryant and his wife

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian

James Harden and Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian

In addition to this we have actor Taye Diggs (excuse me while I go vomit real quick). Once married to actress, Idina Menzel, Diggs has down-talked Black women as a means of praising his white ex-wife. He also said that he doesn't want his bi-racial son to be labeled as Black.Then, a year after his divorce with Idina Menzel, Diggs would write a Black Lives Matter poem.

Finally, we have the latest disappointment, Washington Redskin's player, Lynden Antonio Trail (he was a nobody up until he flapped his gums all over social media to share his deeply internalized self-hatred).

I'm over crying and being hurt by Black men like you. The men who want a Black Queen, but minus all of the hard stuff that a Black Queen must endure. I'm over the Black men who only date white women. I'm over the Black men who only date "Spanish girls" (what they really mean to say is Latino girls, but they're too damn stupid to know the crucial difference). I'm over the Black men that trash talk Black women, but love their Black mama's. I'm over the Black men that disrespect Black women, until they realize that Becky can never bring them home, because her father believes that "Blue Lives Matter."

I will not sit here and watch you spread foolery. I will not sit here and have you tarnish the intricacies of the Black Queen.

As for your comments on "manufactured beauty," I think you need to read. To pick up some literature and learn. Start with bell hooks.

Your wife is a WOC. Her accomplishments should be praised by the man that loves her. Still, she is not a Black Queen nor will she ever be, tanned or not.

You (and the rest of y'all niggas) are damaged goods. I'll be praying for all of you.


Josephine Omolola, A (real) Black Queen


*Disclaimer: God's good grace brought this blog to life.

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