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How To: Be Easy (In A World Full of Bullsh*t)

"I'm back and I'm better." -Bryson Tiller

Dear Reader,

This year has been hard.

We're four months in to 2017 (FYI: one-third of the year is done), and I, like many of people have been slacking on my New Year's resolutions. I hate to play the blame game, but it's been hard to focus on keeping up with the promises that I made to myself when the world is practically falling apart. It's hard to ignore the genocide of innocent people living in Syria. It's hard to ignore the stream of images of hungry children in Somalia. It's hard to ignore that there are, presently, nearly 65,000 missing Black women in the United States. It's impossible to ignore the hot ass mess that is the American government. It is impossible to ignore the fact that Black Lives still don't matter and that feminism still isn't intersectional. It's hard to ignore that people still use the r-word as an insult to describe people who are stupid and that people who are not Black still say the word nigga (forreal, stop that).

I understand.

Still, I urge you to take a break. To purge yourself of the bullshit and just breathe. To take some time to remind yourself of what your goals are and to make the conscious effort to try and achieve them. I urge you to practice consistency with everything that you do. To be easy. To love the process.

Change is not easy and it is not fun. Still, you gave yourself a challenge, so follow through.

I read an article the other day that described millennials as spiritual, rather than religious. After I read this, I watched this video:

Now, some of y'all are probably thinking "cut the hippie shit." I get it. I'm not telling you to go out and smoke a blunt with your local religious leaders to help you clear your head (even though that wouldn't be such a bad thing).

I'm telling y'all to not be afraid to prioritize yourselves. To talk to other people. To practice kindness.

I already mentioned this, but I decided to take a break from my blog for a while after dropping Hetvantages (Part 1 and Part 2) because I needed it! At first, I felt bad. I thought I was a quitter and I thought I would be judged as a result of taking such a long hiatus between posts. I thought I would seem inconsistent.

Taking a break doesn't mean that you're a quitter, it means that you're self-aware.

Many of the people who read this blog (as always, thank you and love you) are college students. The school year is coming to an end and I know that this period is stressful. Finals week is truly a pain and as a result of professors not giving a fuck, our mental and physical health suffers. We prioritize exams, papers and final projects over our well-being.

I'm guilty. I've been stress eating since I came back from Semana Santa (Spring Break).

Lack of sleep, water, and unhealthy foods WILL NOT help you get good grades. I urge you to stop that bad habit now.

Originally, I was going to write about Kendall Jenner and that disrespectful ass Pepsi advertisement. Then, I thought about writing about Rachel Dolezal's clown ass (if you want to laugh, watch this). Then, I thought about writing about how Shea Moisture disappointed us all (they have since issued an apology).

Finally, I decided to save myself the headache. I still need time to breathe and these fools are not about to mess with the alignment of my chakras.

So for now, I'm just gonna breathe. I hope you do too.

Put yourself first. When you are in a good state of mind, you are best prepared to help others.

Wishing you peace,

Josephine Omolola


*Disclaimer: God's good grace brought this blog to life.

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