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Guilty As Hell...

"Who run the world? Girls." - Beyoncé

If y'all thought I was about to ignore what happened this weekend, then you SURE thought wrong.

*Quick update for those who don't know where I'm going with this: This weekend, Remy Ma dropped a single on Soundcloud titled "shETHER" (a play on Nas' diss "ETHER," which was directed at Jay-Z ). Now, before listening the track, it was clear from the cover art that this was another diss aimed at Nicki Minaj. This isn't surprising at all considering that the two have been going at each other for a while now.

Now that everyone is caught up, let us continue...

When I first heard the track I, like many other people, was shook (see below).

Detail upon intimate detail was strewn throughout the song about Minaj's personal life (how true these claims actually are, I'm not 100% sure). Still, social media was lit af as fans of Remy Ma shared the song and while fans of Nicki Minaj questioned the validity of the lyrics.

Regardless, when we take a deeper look at the entirety of what went down this weekend, we really encounter the true essence of the problem. As a woman, I begin to wonder why one woman ripping other woman's heads off is so highly valued. The internet loves a good "catfight" (ew).

But I too am guilty. I listened to the track and found myself getting caught up in the whirlwind of drama. I was calling, texting, Snapchatting, and sharing posts with everyone and their momma just to chat about what just went down.

Ladies, we know that there is a system in place which creates the perception of a limited number of spaces available, for the number of successful women allowed to exist in the world. This is even more true if you're a WOC (Woman of Color). We know that by sipping all of this tea (no matter how hot it may be) we are only enabling the system to continue.

We must ALL do better. At the end of the day, both of these women have young girls who view them as role models. Let's not have them equating the destruction of one woman to the success of another.

The rap industry is already dominated by men. So what makes two women on top of the game such a bad thing?


*Disclaimer: God's good grace brought this blog to life.

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